Sudden Landslide At Indonesia Waterfall Claims One Victim

While on holiday, many of us may yearn to see natural wonders that we can’t find in the city.

Recently, five tourists visited the popular Sedudo Waterfall in East Java, Indonesia with that very idea in mind.

However, their trip took a horrifying turn when they were ambushed by a deadly landslide.

Landslide engulfs visitors in a matter of seconds According to Detik News, local authorities confirmed that a landslide occurred at the Sedudo Waterfall in East Java on Tuesday (14 Feb) at around 3.10pm.

A bystander captured the harrowing incident in a short 30-second clip.

The first few seconds of the video show five visitors bathing at the base of the waterfall. None of them seem to give any indication that something is amiss.

Then, almost out of nowhere, a large mass of soil hurtles toward them and engulfs all five of them.

Additionally, a tree was also among the debris.

The footage then abruptly cuts off and does not show the aftermath of the incident.

Fatal Indonesia landslide claims one victim

Following the landslide, local authorities investigated the situation.

Based on a report by Detik News, a 43-year-old man named Agus Setiawan was the only one who lost his life in the disaster.

He suffered a head fracture and passed away from his injuries. His family has since received his body.

At the time, the deceased was visiting Sedudo Waterfall with five colleagues.

They were supposed to return to Surabaya immediately after their short trip to the waterfall, Detik Jatim reported, noting that Mr Agus leaves behind a wife.

Our condolences to the deceased’s loved ones The distressing footage of the incident is a sober reminder that tourists can never be too careful.

Con información de EFE y AP